You want to improve the efficiency of your Technology Watch activities being sure that some information lead to the effective launch of innovation projects ; you know hat external ideas may accelerate your innovation process. For a technical problem to be solved, BT2i searches in the scientific and technical literature for potential solutions that have been imagined in other sectors and accompanies you in the phase of inspired creativity?. In a short period of time (typically 1 month), find a solution to an operational technical problem being inspired by solutions imagined in other sectors (cross-fertilization).



  • Research in the literature of concepts likely to provide all or part of the solution sought, with different maturation, possibly operational in different sectors.
  • BT2i selects about ≈ 100 concepts, patented or not, developed or not (all TRLs).
  • Project members and BT2i consultants note each concept. The 10 concepts with the highest scores are selected.
  • Then, BT2i contacts inventors (maturity, IP, current and planned applications, availability for a possible partnership, ...).
  • Finally, BT2i hosts two half-day ideation workshops. By simple "Divergence-Convergence" sequences, from external inspirations, we generate ideas and projects inspired by external innovations.