In 1979, Marc-Henri Ménard and a partner have founded Innovation 128® with a simple but ambitious idea:
To create a link between innovation offer and demand at international level; 
To facilitate a secure and mutually advantageous cooperation. 


About 40 years have passed and more than ever in the global competition, innovative and agile companies differ in their ability to identify before competitors future technological breakthroughs or innovative business models, and quickly turn these risks into opportunities.


Today, the BT2i's ambition and will are to be a trusted partner for academic researchers and industrial and service companies of all sizes, to support them more effectively in the implementation of their Open Innovation strategy in all regions of the World, in mature and emerging markets.

Camembert BT2i

What do we offer ? 

Our offer is clear: with an operational Business & Technology Intelligence in all major regions of the world, we are today able to identify potential and trusted partners for our clients, assist them to evaluate, select and contact these innovation partners to develop securely, scientific and technological Win-Win cooperation. This is the DNA of the BT2i®’s founders, consultants, experts and international correspondents.

Do you need help ?

Are you a start-up or a big company ? Our experts are here to help you.

They trust us

In real time, actors of Innovation, labs and entrepreneurs, should be able to capture, analyze, validate and capitalize intelligence that must drive their strategic decisions.

 Marc-Henri Ménard Founding President of BT2i