BT2i® relies on a network of some hundred experts and international agents involved in various missions, the execution of which is under BT2i’s responsibility. These experts are true BT2i®’s partners, working in confidence, who are fully integrated into BT2i® missions and participate in project meetings with customers.
Here is a list of about thirty of them; with some of these partners, marc-henri ménard has been working for more than 30 years. A large number of them have been his clients in the past, former innovation managers in different industrial and services companies, having a large international professional background.

Innovation Management


International Expert in Innovation Policies

Peter Lindholm is a recognized expert in innovation policies for more than twenty years. He works in many EU countries, Russian Federation and Central Asia. He supports public innovation players in the definition, implementation and monitoring of their innovation policies.

In collaboration with Marc-Henri Menard, he works to set up closer relations between international laboratories and start-ups with French and European partners. He helps with funding for technological companies by mobilizing his network of venture capital funds and business angels.



André-Yves Portnoff is the co-author of the first French report on the Society and the economy of the intangible. Researcher, prospectivist, researcher and consultant, he is one of the European specialists of the intangible. He has developed a method of evaluating organizations by immaterial factors, which he applies to the management of innovation, digital transition and the risks of disintermediation.

Scientific advisor to the main French private prospective group, he is an associate professor at the High School of Management in Fribourg (Switzerland). Author of numerous books and reports, he has written, with Hervé Sérieyx, To Acts, Citizens! From outrage to action. Ed. Maxima (2011).


Management of Innovation

Denis CHAPUIS started his professional career by serving 25 years in the French Navy as a submariner. He had three command tours, one diesel and two nuclear propelled submarines (one fast-attack and missile launcher).

Denis was also the Program Officer for two major government programs linked with submarines and aerospace. Then, he switched to the automotive industry and a major French car manufacturer, heading various research departments dealing with chassis, non-classic propulsion plants and driver assistance systems. After 8 years in the automotive sector, Denis joined the aerospace industry to head the coordination of R&T efforts related to electronics and sensors, at Corporate level, for the major European OEM.

By now, as an independent innovation consultant in the aeronautics, automotive, defense and nuclear sectors, Denis CHAPUIS regularly works for BT2i in technological intelligence and technical problems solving missions in which his expertise in various technical domains favors cross-fertilization effects.


Expert in innovation management, technology transfer and applied research for product development.

Head of Research and Development for more than 20 years in the biomedical industry, he also has authored more than 20 international patents. Projects led by Francis have been praised by his peers and won multiple industry awards from institutions such as SANOFI, INPI (the French patent office), BPI/OSEO (French sovereign fund and investment bank) and INTERMEDICA (a medical exhibition).

Guest lecturer at the Pierre and Marie Curie-Paris Sorbonne University as it relates to the university degree in biological and medical engineering, Francis co-authored a book on the French economic rebound, the perspective of 85 French inventors (« Le rebond économique de la France, 85 innovateurs, acteurs de la croissance et de l’emploi témoignent », Edit Pearson-2012).

Actively engaged at the regional and local level, promoting growth and economic development policies as part of various non-profit organizations.


Innovation Management Expert

Jeanne-Antide BOUVERESSE, Engineer ENSIA PARIS-TECH, DEA of Nutrition, Master 2 of Management at ESSEC, Master2 CNAM-Paris of Management, Foresight, Innovation, Strategy and Sustainable Development, began her career in the MARS Group, leader Global Pet Food Industry.

During these 14 years, Jeanne-Antide has held the positions of Industrial Director, R & D Director and Marketing Product Manager. She has developed and managed strategic projects for the innovation of disruptive products. Large scale with the creation of processes, technologies and several factories in Europe.

She then joined the international group BIC and reported directly to its President, organized R & D, contributed to the strategy, to transformations of the ETP and created innovative new stationery and shaving products. Then its activities are oriented towards high tech by managing international strategic projects such as industrial restructuring, digital development of factories, IOT, Open-innovation, social network creation...

After these 20 years with operational responsibilities and Vice-président in the BIC group, Jeanne-Antide BOUVERESSE is now working for BT2i in innovation management and creativity missions.

Innovative materials & processes


Innovation Textiles Expert

With mechanical origins and textile engineer’s diploma of the French ENSAIT, Michel Bonnin had a career of over 35 years in the textile industry, with Dim, in hosiery, lingerie and men's underwear.

He has extensive experience in knitting hosiery, the Santoni seamless and in the universe of the stitch, thread, and textile materials achievements, management of production units, R&D and Industrial Property.

Michel has held positions mainly in the field of Research and Innovation for which he was responsible for ten years; since 2000, he ask Marc-Henri Menard’s team to implement and operate Innovation Watch missions for Dim.

Today, Michel Bonnin is involved in different BT2i® missions in the world of innovative textiles, especially for functional ones, both for the markets of apparel, as well as for sports and paramedics.


Surface Engineering Expert

Doctor in Science of the University of Burgundy, France (Physical Chemistry) Panayotis (Panos) Cocolios is a well known European specialist of surface treatment by Plasma Technologies.

Panos worked in this area for 20 years at Air Liquide before creating on December 2011 his own Innovative Company focusing on development, promotion and sales of roll to roll, large width and high speed Atmospheric plasma technologies for converting of flexible materials (plastic films and sheets, aluminum foil, paper).

Panos worked on these topics with Marc-Henri Menard since 1998 and he cooperates on several innovation and state of the art missions produced by BT2i® in the domain of Surface and Interface Engineering.


Innovative Polymer Expert

Graduate from the French ESCPI, Doctor of Sciences, specialist in polymer materials, Jean-Pierre Jarry began his career at CNRS before joining the industry. In the 1990’s, Jean-Pierre has been Scientific Director of the main Rhône-Poulenc Research Center located near Paris.

Then, he became R&D Director of the Fiber and Polymer sector of Rhodia and CEO of Rhodia Industrial Yarns. Being currently consultant and entrepreneur, Jean-Pierre is currently consultant and works in a regular manner with BT2i® on market studies, Lab2Market™and i2W™ in the field of polymers.
He has developed a very specific expertise in bio-based materials for different industrial applications.


Polymer & Composite Materials Expert

Graduate from the French Ecole Polytechnique and ENSTA (Powders), Doctor of Sciences, Gerard Mavel had a research career in Chemistry. In the late 1980’s, having already acted as CEO of IRCHA, Gerard became an independent consulting engineer in the field of materials, polymers and composites.

Since 1989, Gerard has led with Marc-Henri Menard more than a hundred state of the art, Innovation Watch & Ideation and international technology transfer missions in the area of diversified applications such as building materials, automotive and aerospace materials and new energies.


Expert in Surface Engineering, non-stick & friction Problem Solver

Jacques Marot is a coating specialist whose career in international groups began in the refractory products industry and then continued in non-stick and dry lubricant coatings businesses.

In that latter field, Jacques worked for more than 15 years with the multinational Whitford, in which he contributed to new product developments through the approval of innovative products and processes by major contractors. Jacques had the opportunity to participate in projects with Marc-Henri Menard in the former years and is currently monitoring marketing and technological BT2i® missions for industrial companies in the field of non-stick and dry lubricant coatings.


Building Material Expert

Chemical Engineer (ESCIL Lyon) and PhD in Inorganic Physical Chemistry, Gildas Guillevic has spent most of his career within the Lafarge Group. At the request of the Group Management Board and its Research, Technology and Innovation Director, in 1996, Gildas has established, then developped a technological and the competitive intelligence Department at Lafarge. In this context, he had asked Marc-Henri Menard to achieve an international benchmark in a particular field.

Former president of the "Construction Products Regulation" working Groups of the AIMCC (French Association for Construction Products) and of the CEPMC (Council of European Producers of Materials for Construction), Gildas Guillevic is undoubtedly one of the best French experts on European norms and regulations in the construction material sector. He brings his expertise in some BT2i® missions related to innovative building materials.



Eco-Innovation, Waste Recovery and New Energies Expert

Graduate of the French Polytechnics, Robert Bozza worked in the Oil and chemical industries for 15 years in France, in the USA and Singapore before joining different companies active in the field of waste treatment in which he acquired a great expertise.

He ended his industrial career at Veolia Environment Group, where he was responsible for strategic intelligence activities. Robert acts now as a Consultant in Innovation Strategy and Eco-Innovation Expert; he cooperates in regular basis with BT2i® on Innovation Watch and State of the art, international market surveys and Lab2Market™ missions.


Eco-Innovation & Energies, Innovation Consultant

After having held significantpositions for more than thirty years in EDF and RTE(French TSO) in the field of facilities and equipment maintenance, Live Working, Training and skills management, Safety and Environmental Management, Innovation Management and Intellectual Property, Patrice regularly provides studies and services as a consultant with BT2i, particularly in the area of Energy and eco-innovation.

He is also involved in strategic watch for Business Intelligence and in researching High Potential Scientific and Technologic Innovations.


Automotive Innovation Expert

Jean Dauvergne, graduate of the French Ecole Centrale at Lyons, had a career of almost thirty years in the field of innovation in the automotive industry. After starting his career at Valeo, he was in charge of innovation at Reydel Industries and Innovation Director at Visteon Interior Auto.

Within this context, in 2000, he invited Marc-Henri Menard to participate in a collaborative project with one of the major French automakers to perform and lead an Innovation Watch in the field of Man-Machine Interfaces. Since 2009, Jean Dauvergne is consultant in Automotive Innovation with a strong expertise validated in different fields (optics, materials, mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity…).

He is involved on a regular basis to i2W™ missions operated by BT2i® in the automotive and aerospace fields, building bridges between these areas thanks to dual innovations.


Eco-Innovation, Energies & Propulsion Expert

Shipbuilding engineer, graduated from the French ENSTA and IFG, Principal Engineer for Armament (R), Michel Pacault worked for over 30 years at DCNS Nantes-Indret, specialized in naval propulsion and energy.

After starting his career as design engineer, Michel has been responsible for a number of projects in the areas of equipment and naval propulsion systems, including vessels for exports, as well as land-based nuclear installations or embedded systems. He was also in charge of the DCNS Indret Diversification Department: trade and project management in the field of industrial equipment and services for onshore and onboard energy, testing services, logistics and maintenance services.

From the mid-1990’s, Michel continued his career at DCNS in R&D, Strategic Marketing and Business Development (Strategic Analysis, Business and Strategic Intelligence, Technology watch, Alliances, Intellectual property, R&D cooperation, Competitiveness Cluster EMC2). In 2002, he has committed Marc-Henri Menard’s teams to operate an in depth technology watch in a confidential domain. During the last ten years, Michel Pacault acts as an independent expert.

He is now involved in BT2i®’s missions in the field of new energies and propulsion, as well as technological and strategic survey missions with very high added value, and technology-intensive market studies.


Expert in Acoustics

Graduate from the French Institut d'Optique, Marc Rehfeld is one of the best specialists in Building Acoustics. Author of some 40 patents and several publications, he has spent most of his career in the Saint Gobain Group where he has been Head of Department at SG Glass at the Thourotte Research Center and coordinator of R&D for acoustics for the entire Group.

Marc animated breaking research and innovation programs with related applications such as building and ground transportation. In this context, in 1995, he asked Marc-Henri Menard’s teams to conduct active technology watches in the field of acoustical comfort in different environments.



Biotech Expert

Phd in Pharmacy and Pathobiology, Yves Bonhomme spent 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, General Manager in charge of R&D and diversification at Merck Lipha Laboratories.

Within this context, he addressed Marc-Henri Menard’s teams to perform in-depht states of the art in order to identify technological and breakthrough solutions at a very early stage, as well as academic partnership opportunities in different regions of the world.

Since 2002, Yves acts as a Biotech consultant and is involved in various activities: technology transfers, projects management and negotiation, management of multi-cultural R&D partnerships, and development and implementation of innovation strategies.

He collaborates with BT2i® in the field of commercialization of scientific assets and technology transfer; he is also involved in trainings of good practices in Innovation Management and Change Management within the BT2i Academy™. He has developed serious games which have particular interests in emerging countries and BRICS regions.


Nutrition Health Expert

Phd in Pharmacy and MBA in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Loïc Bureau is one of the best European experts in the field of nutraceuticals with an experience of over 20 years. Since 2007, he is CEO of IFAS (Institute for Training of Actors in Health domains) and he is associate professor at the University of Nutraceuticals in Rennes (Britanny).

The aim of this pedagogical path is to train managers with technical expertise in agro-food, para-pharmaceutical or cosmetic sectors for companies specialized in the manufacture of "nutraceuticals", novel foods and ingredients deemed to have a beneficial, preventive or curative effect on human and animal health.

From 1998 to 2002, Loïc worked with Marc-Henri Menard for launching and implementation of the first multi-client technology watch in the field of nutraceuticals performed in Europe. He is also BT2i® expert who deals with Innovation Watch, including regulatory studies, market research and technology transfer in the field of Nutrition and Health.



IT Expert, International Technology Transfer Senior Consultant

Graduated of a DEA in Computer Science from Paris-Orsay University, Anton made his career in the field of ICT by creating his own consulting company. He has managed projects in software development, network administration and security management and in the deployment of IT solutions.

Anton has worked for 7 years with Marc-Henri Ménard in the field of Business and Technology Intelligence by actively participating in international technology transfer projects in CIS countries and in the facilitation of the creation of innovative companies in various sectors (ICT, New Energies ...) from foreign inventors and entrepreneurs in France. He is now associated in different BT2i® missions in the field of the Digital Economy and the IT cross fertilization impact (education, energies, transaction security, smart materials, e-Health, Virtual Reality).

Anton participates in international market surveys and in facilitating with other BT2i® consultants and experts scientific and technological cooperation between Russian and CIS academic laboratories and startups and European Industrial and services companies.


ICT Expert, Defense, Security, Space & Aeronautics specialist

Engineer’s degree of ENSMA and Postgraduate degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Yves Leboulleux totals more than 20 years in large groups of Defense, Aeronautics and Space as Airbus and Alcatel.

Since becoming independent consultant in 2004, he regularly collaborates in business and technological intelligence missions with Marc-Henri Menard; it is now associated with BT2i® missions in IT and Digital Economy that includes technical expertise of high technology projects, studies and engineering in all technical fields related to Aeronautics, Space, Naval and Energy.


Project Management Specialist, ICT and High Tech Industries & Services

Anne Schlemmer is graduated from a French Business School in Lille, have a MSBA from Bucknell University in the US, and a Master of Telecoms and Media Management from Dauphine University in Paris. Anne is specialized in project management.

She started her career with public and international organizations, before joining the private sector, in both large groups and SME’s, with project management and business development responsibilities, mainly in the Telecoms - High Tech sector. She has set up infrastructure projects and implemented B2B value added services, in mobile environments.

Anne has been collaborating with Marc Henri Menard for a long time on the transfer of technologies issued from both research laboratories and French corporations, in particular within international European programs.


IT Expert, Technology Transfer Senior Consultant

A graduate from the French Supélec and Stanford University, Alain Kagan is the founder and developer of several innovative companies (internet, telecommunications, IT).

For the past ten years, he has been involved with Marc-Henri Ménard in various international assignments dealing with technology state-of-the-art definition, commercialization of scientific research as well as technology transfer.

Alain is regularly engaged with BT2i® in missions where IT and new internet business models have an impact over most sectors of the economy.

Business Intelligence


Global Marketing, Brand Management and Communications Expert

Jean-Félix has over 35 years of experience, providing innovative marketing strategies, powerful brand management and communications to BtoC companies. He started his career within Villeroy & Boch as sales consultant and joined Advertising agencies for 10 years, working for FMGC, beauty, luxury and corporate companies.

He joined Essilor International as Advertising Manager and initiated the globalisation and the construction of worldwide campaigns, promotion and event programs, public relations, corporate identity and lobbying.

As a Brand fan, he has included them as a capital asset, took the leadership of disruptive market research, invented Varilux® new brand content, product innovations and created 3 worldwide brands.

Appointed as VP Marketing in Singapore and then in the European BtoB subsidiary, Jean-Felix has developped a specific product and service know-how targetting independant retailers or key accounts.

Other and recent jobs within Essilor allowed him to lead a technological breakthrough project and a strategic business development in Asia Board member of several optical Professional Associations : ASNAV ( Visual health), GIFO and EUROM1 ( Federation of French and European Manufacturers); Vice-President at ADETEM ( Marketing National Association)


Expert in Business Development & Business Intelligence

Henri Pesquidous graduated from Bordeaux Kedge Business School and from IMD in Lausanne. He has more than 30 years of experience in consulting services, transport and aerospace & defence industries.

Henri started his career in 1980 as an auditor with Coopers & Lybrand and pursued in the steel industry with Usinor. In 1985, he joined Sogerma (Stelia Aerospace) to develop export sales of aeronautical maintenance. In 1994, he joined GEC Alsthom Transport (Alstom) to become Sales Director of the Traction Mass Transit division.

In 1997, he joined Aerospatiale as Marketing Director of the Space & Defence division (Airbus Defense & Space) where he marketed spin-off technologies from ARIANE launchers, ballistic missiles and satellites. In 1998, he was appointed Aerospatiale Group Director for North and South America and in 2000, Vice President, Latin America, for EADS international (Airbus Group International). In 2002, he became Managing Director of McAlpine Helicopters Ltd in the UK and in 2007, CEO of Eurocopter UK Ltd (Airbus Helicopters UK). In 2008, he was appointed CEO of Eurocopter Chile (Airbus Helicopters Chile).

Since 2011, thanks to his international experience and business networks, Henri has been a Consultant in Business Development and Business Intelligence. For BT2i®, he provides consulting services in international technology transfers (EU, US and Latin America), market surveys and technology watch in the air and ground transportation domains among others.


Expert Business & Technology Intelligence for Territories and PPP Specialist

Graduate from the Ecole Centrale at Lille and Master of Economics (Lille University), Jean-Bernard Duparc first practiced as a Director of studies of Territory Planning, Transport and Housing. He has conducted socio-economic foresight studies (in particular, Housing market) or financial, and advised Communities, government services and public or Public-Private institutions (Regions, Cities, Equipment, subsidiaries of the French Caisse des Dépôts).

Later, within a para-public Agency, his activities were focused on innovation, technology transfer and commercialization of research. He has conducted information programs, diagnosis and advice for businesses and laboratories on themes such as fine chemicals, artificial intelligence, technical textiles, food processing, and industrial equipment’s goods. In 1985, he managed the project of the publication of the very first catalog of regional technological opportunities for which he relied on the skills and diligence of Marc-Henri Menard.

At the same time, he has been for three years, in charge of industrial relations of an engineering school and its laboratories, with the aim to strengthen links between the school and the business in the sectors of Textiles, Clothing, Distribution, and Composite Materials. Finally, in contract bases within one of the French regions, Jean Bernard has managed several important projects relating to transport: regionalization of two ports and two airports of national interest, renewal of public service delegations, major expansion of a port (Project of 700 M€, including holding a Public Debate and delivery of a Public Enquiry folder).

The management of these major projects has required the mobilization and coordination of internal and external experts, in socio-economic and technical prospective (mobility, transport technology, logistics developments), in public law (delegation of public services, Public Debate procedure), and in project evaluation (financial and socio-economic profitability).


Business Intelligence Expert, International Mass Distribution

Graduated from the French ESSCA, Henri Bollengier Stragier have an extensive field expertise in the field of mass distribution, mainly for agro-food business.

He worked in different countries as France, EU and Russian Federation. Innovation being not only technology, Henri participates with Marc-Henri Ménard in different Benchmark and Innovation watch missions in the BtBtC distribution international networks. In BT2i® missions, Henri brings his experience, his field player’s vision and his networks facilitating capture and analysis of strategic information.



Innovation Management Expert , Research Commercialization and Technology Transfer Specialist

PhD in Chemical Physics, MBA at the French HEC and Master II of Commercialization of Research and Technology Transfer at the French University Paris-Sud, Gilles Lagrange has an experience of over 30 years in the industry (Thomson and Air Liquide) with different responsibilities: R&D, Industrial Management and Marketing & Business Development.
Gilles is now consultant in innovation and active in all fields of Chemistry, Physics and

Biology applying his competencIes and experience of the Material Science surfaces interactions, plasma and various types of spectroscopy. Gilles is regularly involved in BT2i® missions for commercialization of innovations (maturation, processing, testing, design, marketing, commercialization), as well as for scientific, technical, marketing and organizational innovations.

He is also involved in scientific, technological, Intellectual Property and strategic watches. He supports start-upers and SME’s managers to facilitate their business successes on national and international markets.


Open Innovation & Technology Transfer Consultant

Based in Kiev, degree in Common Law and Linguistics, Oksana Shkiray is an Open Innovation & Technology Transfer Consultant dealing with Innovation and Technology Transfer between France, EU and CIS countries. Oksana is mainly involved in i2W™ and Lab2Market™ missions operated for BT2i®’s clients.

She brings intelligence to experts for validation of technical and business potentials. Oksana is also involved in market surveys, feasibility studies, state of the art and regulatory analysis. Fluent in 4 languages, Oksana facilitates scientific and technological cooperation that BT2i® operates for its industrial and academic clients and partners.


International Technology Transfer and Innovation Expert

Graduate Engineer in Chemistry from ESCIL and graduated from IAE, both in Lyon, François Tisseront masters both IP and licensing laws. He has been advising innovative firms for more than 35 years now, for optimizing their development through valorization of their technological assets.

Thanks to his perfect knowledge and practice in all phases of an international technology transfer, François advises and supports dozens of companies and research centers each year, in their licensing projects to French or international industrial partners: definition of the winning strategy of a possible technology transfer, evaluation of the financial conditions of the license, drafting and negotiating international technology transfer agreements.

François has been collaborating with Marc-Henri Ménard for more than 30 years, in tens international technology transfer and research commercialization missions. Such a long lasting cooperation is now growing with BT2i®.