Trends in Advanced NDT of the First Half 2020

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We are pleased to share with you some trends in the field of non-destructive testing by highlighting some information from previous editions of TWatch WowNotes dedicated to Advanced Non-Destructive Testing.

The development of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies is leading to the search for new methods to evaluate the quality of AM parts. A number of publications have been published on the use of X-ray computed tomography for these applications. On the other hand, we have noticed several types of research on other NDT methods, such as acoustic emissions, which show good results for evaluating the quality of AF parts.

The capacities of advanced NDT technologies allow the implementation of an in-situ mode to study the mechanics of material destruction. The results of these experiments justify a rational choice of criteria for evaluating product quality.

SHM is becoming a common technology, especially for monitoring and control of civil construction. Global microelectronics manufacturers are launching new products that include basic processes for measuring, processing and evaluating measurement results on a single chip.

We have noticed an extension of the field of application of laser ultrasonic inspection. The study of new designs of automated ultrasonic equipment and the application of new measurement schemes have led to greater accuracy and have enabled new applications.

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