BT2i Team Wishes You the Best

With a smile full of hope, the BT2i Team thanks and wishes a happy new year 2021 to its current and future Partners, Clients, Sr Advisors, Experts and international Correspondents.

Avec un sourire plein d’espoir, l’équipe BT2i remercie et souhaite une bonne année 2021 à ses actuels et futurs Partenaires, Clients, Sr Advisors, Experts et Correspondants internationaux.

Mit einem hoffnungsvollen Lächeln dankt das BT2i-Team seinen gegenwärtigen und zukünftigen Partnern, Kunden, Sr Advisors, Experten und internationalen Korrespondenten und wünscht ihnen ein frohes neues Jahr 2021.

Con una sonrisa llena de esperanza, el equipo de BT2i agradece y desea un feliz año nuevo 2021 a sus socios, clientes, Sr Advisors, Expertos y Corresponsales internacionales actuales y futuros.

Com um sorriso cheio de esperança, a Equipe BT2i agradece e deseja um feliz ano novo 2021 aos seus atuais e futuros Parceiros, Clientes, Sr Advisors, Especialistas e Correspondentes internacionais.

Con un sorriso pieno di speranza, il Team BT2i ringrazia e augura un felice anno nuovo 2021 ai suoi attuali e futuri Partner, Clienti, Sr Advisors, Esperti e Corrispondenti internazionali.

Met een glimlach vol hoop dankt het BT2i-team en wenst een gelukkig nieuwjaar 2021 aan zijn huidige en toekomstige partners, klanten, Sr Advisors, experts en internationale correspondenten.



С улыбкой, полной надежды, команда BT2i благодарит и желает счастливого нового 2021 года своим нынешним и будущим партнерам, клиентам, старшим советникам, экспертам и международным корреспондентам.

З усмішкою, сповненою надії, команда BT2i дякує та бажає щасливого нового 2021 року своїм нинішнім та майбутнім партнерам, клієнтам, радникам, експертам та міжнародним кореспондентам

იმედით სავსე ღიმილით, BT2i გუნდი მადლობას უხდის და უსურვებს ახალ წელს 2021 წელს მის ამჟამინდელ და მომავალ პარტნიორებს, კლიენტებს, Sr მრჩეველებს, ექსპერტებს და საერთაშორისო კორესპონდენტებს.

Warm Regards

Marc-Henri MENARD


Roads charging cars while they’re on the road

After having been experimented in Tel Aviv, Israel and Sweden this year, the Inductive charging smart road project is taking further shape with the introduction of a first section in Germany.

Led by the companies Eurovia and ElectReon, this project will start with a test on a 100m track in a bus lane.

If the result is successful, a full-scale test could be repeated in the city of Karlsruhe.

More information here


PVC-A FITT Bluforce Pipes

FIIT has installed the first EPD®-certified PVC-A water supply system in Europe, named FITT Bluforce.

“The technology used to make FITT Bluforce is based on the PVC-A polymer alloy (A for “alloy”), consisting of two main compounds: conventional PVC-U and polyethylene chloride (PEC). PVC-A offers both the inherent strength of PVC-U and the ductility of polyethylene, resulting in a product that can guarantee extreme resistance to the propagation of cracks, the main cause of rupture in pressure networks in service. “

More informations.

The first ever Directional Drilling installation of a FITT Bluforce pipe in France took place in Bayeux on November 17th.


Total wins management of the Belib’ network in Paris

Total has just won the tender from the Mairie de Paris for the modernization and extension of the public charging stations in Paris.

This new network, which brings together the Belib’ network and the former Autolib’ network, will include approximately 2,300 recharging points, an increase of more than 50% compared to today.

Here is the reaction of Alexis Vovk, Managing Director of Total’s Marketing and Services branch: “This partnership with the City of Paris allows us to accelerate our transformation towards a multi-energy group. We are delighted with the trust placed in us by the City of Paris by awarding us the management and modernization of the Belib’ recharging network for electric vehicles for the next 10 years. After Amsterdam, Brussels and London, this is a major new European conurbation that is relying on Total’s expertise to support the changing mobility needs of its citizens. In this respect, our promise is to provide our customers with 100% renewable electric recharging and a service that meets their expectations. This offer on the Belib’ network also complements the electric mobility services that Total deploys for its customers, both individuals and professionals: at the workplace, at home, in public spaces, in commercial areas or in our network of service stations. “.

The future Belib’ network in figures

2,329 recharging points, grouping in the future :

  • 270 existing Belib’ recharging points
  • 1,830 new charging points (with a power of 7 kW)
  • 140 new charging points dedicated to motorized two-wheelers (3 kW)
  • 10 ”quick recharge” hubs, installed in 10 underground parking lots (50 kW)

More information here: https://www.total.com/fr/medias/actualite/communiques-presse/paris-total-va-operer-les-2300-points-de-recharge-pour-ve-du-reseau-belib


Plas’Tri: Recycling plastics waste with a scanner

The French startup Plas’tri based in Saint-Etienne, created by Clara Spetebroodt and Elliot Bérard in 2018, has imagined and designed a scanner capable of detecting the composition of plastic.

The primary objective is to optimize the recycling of industrial waste. The use of this Plas’Tri tool would allow a saving of €3,000 per month for a sorting center that has to process 25 tons of plastic per day.

More information here


Focus on Handi Tech

On the occasion of the the European Disability Employment Week, Le Parisien highlights several companies promoting their innovations to help people with disabilities on a daily basis.

This is the case of the company Orcam which has created a device called OrCam MyEye 2 that integrates with the glasses of visually impaired people, and immediately retranscribes to the person (via a loudspeaker located above the ear) the words of an article, a book or even a smartphone, as well as face recognition.

For more information on this subject, here is a video presenting this tool:

The Parisian company Gyrolift created a few years ago a verticalizing electric chair allowing disabled people to stand at the same height as able-bodied people.

You will find below a video presenting this chair:


The race bike of the future by Decathlon and Autodesk

Decathon and Autodesk presented at the Lille Metropole 2020, Capital of the World's Capital of Design, the common innovation: the creation of the future race bike by generative design.

The website UsineDigitale.fr tells us that "the French equipment manufacturer is working on a project called "Sports Mates", which aims to highlight how new technologies can impact the work of designers and how they transform the industry of tomorrow."

Decathlon used Autodesk's "Fusion 360" creation software to design this bike.

Read more


New plastics economy global commitment

The British Foundation Ellen MacArthur published last June the report « New plastics economy global commitment » on the economics of plastics.

Partnership between BT2i and Team HENRI-FABRE

The partnership between BT2i and TEAM Henri-Fabre in terms of technology watch is highlighted in the latest TEAM Henri-Fabre newsletter. You will find explanations and reasons for this partnership with details from Marc-Henri Ménard and Franck Bocquet, respectively President of BT2i and Operational Director of TEAM Henri-Fabre. 

You can reach it via the following link :

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