Surface Engineering

Surface Engineering


An engineering component usually fails when its surface cannot adequately withstand the
external forces or environment to which it is subjected. The choice of a surface material (coating)
with the appropriate properties and functionalities – especially corrosion, chemical, wear and
thermal resistance, and optical, magnetic and electrical characteristics – is crucial to meet
increasingly harsh use conditions, and the success of innovative projects. Innovation managers
and researchers, in a very large number of activities, must have a strong knowledge of the
innovative developments in surface engineering targeting metallic, ceramic, glass, composites,
polymer and leather substrates.

BT2i offers a very high added value technology watch programme specifically dedicated to
Surface engineering.

TWatch programme includes the following package of services:

* Individual kick off meeting: in a fully confidential manner,
each member tells BT2i its own specifications (topics, sub-topics,
specific issues) included in the general menu.

– Then, all TWatch members’ specifications are gathered, forming the global
watch territory.
– You receive answers to your questions along with answers to other members’
ones’ facilitating cross-fertilization and ideation.

* With your individual codes, you can access to the secured TWatch Information
updated on a daily basis with news collected from professional databases
and selected by BT2i Sr. consultants, Advisors and international correspondents.

* Every month, you receive the TWatch Whaoo Note in which BT2i points
out emerging technologies having different maturities and Retex.

* You participate in two TWatch conferences and innovation meetings organized
in Paris-La Defense on May and November each year.

– European and international academics and start-upers pitch their
innovations and offers of scientific and technological cooperation.

– You meet and talk to other TWatch members during coffee-breaks
and lunch.

Watch Territory

1. Surface preparation
• Wet processing
• Dry processing
• Mechanical preparations

2. Thermal and thermochemical treatments
• Diffusion • Structural transformation

3. Wet Surface treatments and coatings
• Electroless plating • Sol-Gel coatings
• Electrolytic plating • Organic coatings and paints
• Conversion treatments • Treatments by immersion in a molten metal bath

4. Dry surface treatments and coatings
• Thermal spraying • PVD coating & Asssited PVD
• Cladding • Ion implantation
• CVD coating & Assisted CVD • Other advanced processes (laser, e-beam…)

5. Multiplex and composite treatments

6. Surface finishing
• Biomimetism • Advanced processes

7. Surface Texturizations (nanoscale)

8. Other emerging processes

9. New functionalities

10. Control and Characterization new techniques

11. New regulations, Environment, Health & Safety

Budget (incl. Fees & Travels, Congresses, Database costs)

• SMEs: up to 2,000 employees: e 8,500 (single licence)
• Technical & Research Centers, Carnot Institutes, IRTs: e 12,500 (single licence)
• Large Corps and Industrial Groups: e 12,500 (single licence)
(per additional licence: e 4,000)

Project Planning

Free Marketing Webinars:

– October 11, 2016 (2.00 – 2.45 pm, Paris)
– October 25, 2016 (9.00 – 9.45 am, Paris)

Subscription period: up to Nov. 25, 2016 (15% Off )

Watch period: Jan-Dec 2017

Free Marketing & Commercial Meeting
(Paris La Défense)

– November 8, 2016 (9.30 – 12.00 am)

  • 01 57 69 15 32

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