Pr Jean-Marie Dubois joins BT2i as Sr Advisor

BT2i is proud to annouce today that Pr Jean–Marie DUBOIS, from CNRS and former director of IJL (Institut Jean Lamour) joins BT2i as Sr Advisor. Jean-Marie will participate in different missions managed by BT2i Materials & Processes Dept.

Jean Marie DUBOIS’s research topics have revolved around metal physics and engineering of complex metallic materials. He is the author of more than 250 scientific articles in refereed journals, 14 international patents, and 7 books. After establishing structure models for metallic glasses and quasicrystals, Prof. Dubois became interested in applied properties of these materials: heat insulation, low adhesive properties and infrared light absorption, cold-welding and solid-solid adhesion in vacuum of Al-based complex intermetallics against steel. His general interest is on understanding the surface energy of those materials and their scaling properties in relation to their electronic structure and crystal lattice complexity.

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