Training for Innovation Management Best Practices – BT2i Academy®

Training for Innovation Management Best Practices – BT2i Academy®


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Experiences capitalized by BT2i® and its expert network in the field of Innovation Management, especially in international and multi-cultural contexts, is one of its major competitive advantages.

We intervene regularly to help French and international SME managers to transfer best practice that we have identified in international champions and that we have implemented in some of our client practices.

We have become expert in auditing technological and strategic intelligence systems to feed innovation processes. Some French, EC or CIS countries or other regions from other parts of the world appreciate our independent views on the SME’s organization in their territories, our identification of some bad practices and our capacity to help their managers in the operational implementation of corrective action plans that we have recommended beforehand.

Some of our experts have elaborated various internal and inter-enterprises seminars such as:

– Fundamentals of Corporate Strategy
– Basics of functional analysis and value analysis
– Basics of Project Management
– Basics of Innovation Management
– Fundamentals of prospective management
– Strategic Intelligence
– Concepts and basic tolls for strategic analysis
– Construction of new business models
– …

All these seminars and conferences are operated in the frame of activities of BT2i Academy®..


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