Assets Evaluation and Technology Transfer – Lab2Market®

Assets Evaluation and Technology Transfer – Lab2Market®


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International valorization of academic research results and their transfer to Industry and markets are BT2i®’experts and founders’ DNA.

For more 30 years, we support French, European and international laboratories Heads of research, who wish to accelerate the international valorization process of their scientific and technological assets.

The BT2i® mixed teams being composed of scientists and technologic marketing specialists we understand and translate the researchers presentations in intelligible messages to the future industrial partners.

We can intervene upstream to evaluate IP portfolios, competence or remarkable equipment platforms and select the activities with the highest potential of valorization and the regions of the world where search of partners could be conducted.

We prepare the file of offer presenting briefly the results of research, its competitive advantage, the state of IP, maturity (TRL), and the team driving this asset. This file is addressed to the industrial partners that we have selected and who, we know or assume, have an interest for this type of opportunity.

BT2i® checks the interest of prospective partners and introduce the lab to the interested industrial party. In the EC, CIS North America, Brazil, China and Israel we can support you in the negociation and the securization of the correspponding contracts and the follow up in the execution of the programme.

Finally, in the frame of European, national or regional government funding we also intervene to help laboratories to set up ad hoc and to consortia and to advise the prime contractor to write the label request file in the adequate format and fashion while complying with often short time frames.


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