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Multi-Client Technology Intelligence Programmes

• Greener Plastics
• Additive Manufacturing
• Surface Engineering
• Multi-Functional Materials
• Advanced NDT
• Multi-Material Joining

You are planning to launch or to interrupt a research program, or you want to evaluate what will be the threats or the opportunities that an emerging technology could mean for your future activities and positioning, and what are the initiatives taken by your direct and indirect competitors in this new domain.


To ensure that the results of Innovation, Watch are utilized and not only stored in your Knowledge Management system, and that such Innovation Watches are in line with existing or planned innovation projects, BT2i® has developed a methodology and expertise in the field of ideation linked to the Innovation watch process.

Some disruptive innovations have many potential applications and create new markets that are particularly hard to evaluate. As your product, process or service is innovative and the markets it addresses is new, databases are scare and the quantitative evaluations of markets is a very difficult and risky exercise.

International valorization of academic research results and transfer to Industry and markets are BT2i®’experts and founders’ DNA.

Experiences capitalized by BT2i® and its expert network in the field of Innovation Management, especially in international and multi-cultural contexts, is one of our major competitive advantages.