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1. Innovative Materials

a. Green and biosourced materials
b. Smart & Functional materials
c. Edible packaging materials
d. Biomimetics

2. New Equipments & Processes 4.0

a. 3D Printing
b. Smart Packaging Systems
c. Digital Printing
d. Lean Packaging
e. Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

3. Functionalities

a. Active Packaging
b. Recyclability
c. Secured traceability and authentication
d. Anti-counterfeiting
e. Lightweighting
f. Decoration
d. Easy opening, Praticity & Security
e. Visibility & Branding
f. Multi-functional packaging

4. Key Markets & Innovative Channels

a. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
b. Pharmaceuticals
c. Cosmetics
d. Luxury Products
e. Drinks & Spirits
f. Furnitures
g. Sports & Leisure
h. E-Trade
i. Retails
j. Emerging players and world-class startups

5. New Environmental, Health & Safety international regulations

6. MegaTrends 2025