Phd in Pharmacy and Pathobiology, Yves Bonhomme spent 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, General Manager in charge of R&D and diversification at Merck Lipha Laboratories. Within this context, he addressed Marc-Henri Menard’s teams to perform in-depht states of the art in order to identify technological and breakthrough solutions at a very early stage, as well as academic partnership opportunities in different regions of the world.

Since 2002, Yves acts as a Biotech consultant and is involved in various activities: technology transfers, projects management and negotiation, management of multi-cultural R&D partnerships, and development and implementation of innovation strategies.

He collaborates with BT2i® in the field of commercialization of scientific assets and technology transfer; he is also involved in trainings of good practices in Innovation Management and Change Management within the BT2i Academy™. He has developed serious games which have particular interests in emerging countries and BRICS regions.