Graduate from the Ecole Centrale at Lille and Master of Economics (Lille University), Jean-Bernard Duparc first practiced as a Director of studies of Territory Planning, Transport and Housing. He has conducted socio-economic foresight studies (in particular, Housing market) or financial, and advised Communities, government services and public or Public-Private institutions (Regions, Cities, Equipment, subsidiaries of the French Caisse des Dépôts).

Later, within a para-public Agency, his activities were focused on innovation, technology transfer and commercialization of research. He has conducted information programs, diagnosis and advice for businesses and laboratories on themes such as fine chemicals, artificial intelligence, technical textiles, food processing, and industrial equipment’s goods. In 1985, he managed the project of the publication of the very first catalog of regional technological opportunities for which he relied on the skills and diligence of Marc-Henri Menard.

At the same time, he has been for three years, in charge of industrial relations of an engineering school and its laboratories, with the aim to strengthen links between the school and the business in the sectors of Textiles, Clothing, Distribution, and Composite Materials. Finally, in contract bases within one of the French regions, Jean Bernard has managed several important projects relating to transport: regionalization of two ports and two airports of national interest, renewal of public service delegations, major expansion of a port (Project of 700 M€, including holding a Public Debate and delivery of a Public Enquiry folder).

The management of these major projects has required the mobilization and coordination of internal and external experts, in socio-economic and technical prospective (mobility, transport technology, logistics developments), in public law (delegation of public services, Public Debate procedure), and in project evaluation (financial and socio-economic profitability).