Expert in innovation management, technology transfer and applied research for product development.
Head of Research and Development for more than 20 years in the biomedical industry, he also has authored more than 20 international patents. Projects led by Francis have been praised by his peers and won multiple industry awards from institutions such as SANOFI, INPI (the French patent office), BPI/OSEO (French sovereign fund and investment bank) and INTERMEDICA (a medical exhibition).

Guest lecturer at the Pierre and Marie Curie-Paris Sorbonne University as it relates to the university degree in biological and medical engineering, Francis co-authored a book on the French economic rebound, the perspective of 85 French inventors (« Le rebond économique de la France, 85 innovateurs, acteurs de la croissance et de l’emploi témoignent », Edit Pearson-2012).

Actively engaged at the regional and local level, promoting growth and economic development policies as part of various non-profit organizations.