Graduated of a DEA in Computer Science from Paris-Orsay University, Anton made his career in the field of ICT by creating his own consulting company. He has managed projects in software development, network administration and security management and in the deployment of IT solutions.

Anton has worked for 7 years with Marc-Henri Ménard in the field of Business and Technology Intelligence by actively participating in international technology transfer projects in CIS countries and in the facilitation of the creation of innovative companies in various sectors (ICT, New Energies ...) from foreign inventors and entrepreneurs in France. He is now associated in different BT2i® missions in the field of the Digital Economy and the IT cross fertilization impact (education, energies, transaction security, smart materials, e-Health, Virtual Reality).

Anton participates in international market surveys and in facilitating with other BT2i® consultants and experts scientific and technological cooperation between Russian and CIS academic laboratories and startups and European Industrial and services companies.