Technology-intensive Market Surveys – InnoMarketSurvey®

Some disruptive innovations have many potential applications and create new markets that are particularly hard to evaluate. As your product, process or service is innovative and the markets it addresses is new, databases scarce and the quantitative evaluations of market is a very difficult and risky exercise. BT2i® does it for you.

At BT2i®, with our mixed teams including consultants, international correspondents and experts, technologists and strategic marketing specialists, w specializedin the realization of market surveys with high technological density with the capacity to test the markets in the EC, in the CIS countries in Asia in North America and in Latin America.

Our proven methodology focuses on different phases beginning with the identification of specialists and influential market players, applications and areas investigated that we contact to acquire essential nominal information and opinion. In this phase BT2i® allows you to segment accurately the addressable markets.

An extensive information research is then performed in the main international economic and regulatory databases to which BT2i® subscribes. We validate the identified technical and economic information and complement them with interviews of the main players of these markets (prescribers, suppliers of sub assembly, products, services and systems, precursor user, direct or indirect competitors institutions, including regulatory institutions).

We act either for startups or innovative SME’s or for intermediate size companies willing to analyze markets opportunities and the evaluation of innovative products and services on international markets including the BRIC’S.

Our consultants, international correspondents and experts master surveying techniques and can intervene in around 10 languages including mandarin, Russian and Ukrainian.