Innovation Watch & State of the art – InnoGetFinder®

You are planning to launch or to interrupt a research program, or you want to evaluate what will be the threats or the opportunities that an emerging technology could mean for your future activities and positioning, and what are the initiatives taken by your direct and indirect competitors in this new domain.

At international level, including Asia and CIS the scientific and technical levels have sometimes reached or overtaken some matured countries’, you need trustworthy information from the soundest sources that can be academic or industrial players.

BT2i® consultants or experts are using on a daily basis professional databases and biometrics tools. Among tens of thousand patents and scientific publications, such tools permit to detect the emergence of disruptive technologies and the research and development team that are driving them.

Upon your request and while protecting your confidentiality, BT2i® will get in touch with such teams in order to discuss with the researchers, evaluate the maturity of their project and their state of mind towards co-operation or technological transfer.

Upon your request, within a two to three month time frame, BT2i® will perform a value-added scientific and technical state-of–the-art including the research and analysis of information on regulation and standards in preparation and a state of the art of the offer of the latest innovations which have been introduced on certain markets, together with the return of experience from early users.

Continuously, the same collection system of analysis and expertise of techno-strategic information can be set up to monitor a technological domain and its application markets, key players, whether small or big, by integrating a warning system and coverage of the major international exhibitions and congresses; according to the domains (IT, Materials & Processes, eco-innovation, health biotech…), BT2i® consultants and experts regularly present and comment the most amazing, disturbing or promising information throughout meetings with the clients’ R&D, Innovation and Marketing representatives.