Innovation Watch & Ideation – IDWatch

To ensure that the results of Innovation, Watch are utilized and not only stored in your Knowledge Management system, and that such Innovation Watches are in line with existing or planned innovation projects, BT2i® has developed a methodology and expertise in the field of ideation linked to Innovation watch process.

Everyone knows it is not unusual that innovation watch are retained or only partly shared by R&D teams… or the contrary.

Most of innovative companies have established and maintained an idea generation process but such processes work too often in closed circuits with the same participants and facilitators. The performance of these ideation exercises declines over the months.

To overcome these three challenges that we have long observed (poorly or not exploited ideas and information storage, low fertilization of results between R&D and Marketing and decreasing performance of internal creativity exercises), BT2i® organizes and facilitates ideation watch exercises at its clients’, so-called IDWatch.

In a given innovative context where a technical problem needs to be solved, we shall investigate the literature on innovative concepts that could provide solutions or elements of solutions to the problem; such concepts might have been developed in different sectors or applications than yours. Our consultants, international correspondents and experts will select a hundred of these concepts whether patented or not and whether developed or not. Your R&D and Marketing teams will select individually and collectively the 10 most promising concepts. Once BT2i® will have documented each of these selected 10 concepts (IP, Maturity, availability, Applications, Economical Data, inventors’ mindset to partnerships), they will challenge during a working session facilitated by BT2i® with short phases of divergence/convergence.

Finally, this ideation Watch short exercise (2 months) will have allowed you to identify potential solutions that your teams have imagined on the basis of external innovations. Innovation projects will be launched afterwards.